Temperature Guns & Probes

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Everyone wants a temperature gun, and RayTek makes the best Temp Gun on the market. You'll be using your temp gun on everything from your coffee cup to your dog - just to check the temperature! And when you get down to using your temp gun professionally,  you'll find its one of those tools that changes your perspective - you'll simply wonder how you ever got along without it.

Got a hot engine? Is it a timing or a coolant issue? Easy to find out! Take the temp gun and shoot the header: if it's "OK", shoot the top and bottom of the radiator. You'll see enough of a temperature drop in the radiator to know what the story is. It's really that easy. A whole new world will open up to you when you get a temperature gun. You'll actually 'see' things differently. No one regrets buying a temperature gun, ever. And RayTek makes the best temp gun for the money - just read the reviews!