Application for an Open Account (i.e. payment by Purchase Order)

Interested in an Open Account with Arizona Tools? Please read our policy and follow the instructions below.

We will accept Open Accounts from the following:

  1. City, County, State, Federal Institutions
  2. School Districts, Universities
  3. Fortune 500 Companies
  4. Most all private sector publically traded businesses

For small businesses, we require the following conditions be met:

  1. In existence a minimum of 7 years under current ownership.
  2. Bank rating=5 years at current institution with medium five figure balance.
  3. On time payment record with at least five trade suppliers.
  4. Opening order to of at least $500.00.

If the above applies to your business, click on the "Download" button below to receive the form by email. Or, telephone us at 800-429-3289 and we'll FAX it to you.