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High-quality drill bit's here from names like Triumph Twist, Irwin and New England Twist, iincluding carry bits for steel, wood, masonry, and also 'step drills'. You'll also find the sharpeners to keep them working at their best. We don't carry inexpensive overseas brands - they just don't last as long. We focus on the brands that offer the best bang for your buck! We know that because you want drill bits that last, not break, you'll buy the best bits in the business - that work hard and last thru job after job. In fact, they last long enough for you to need the Drill Doctor Bit Sharpener. The Drill Doctor is an amazing and essential tool if you use your bits every day, like we do. It sharpens carbide, high speed steel, tin-coated, cobalt, and even masonry bits. And you won't find the Drill Doctor at a lower price - we stand behind our Drill product's, and our service.