Raytek Carrying Pouch for MT-Series Non-Contact Temperature Guns

by Raytek
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Raytek MTAPK Carrying Pouch for MT-Series Non-Contact Temperature Guns. Soft carrying pouch with velcro closure for your MiniTemp Non-Contact Thermometer. Detacheable wrist strap included.

Now, we've been selling a lot of Raytek guns overseas to various health agencies. In fact, we're now the #1 supplier. We got a lot of requests for a case that would protect the Raytek gun, and minimize it's chances for loss or theft. We think this case does the trick. You can even mark on it with an ink pen to assist in agency ID numbering, etc. Whether you're using the Raytek in your shop, or handing them out during an emergency, this case protects your investment.

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Raytek's mission is to be the leading supplier of infrared, non contact, industrial temperature measurement instruments in the world.

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"The pouch is perfect. Works great!"


"The Carrying pouch is great with the Non-Contact Temperature Gun."


"TotaLLy SaTisfied.....!!"


"Great price, fast delivery."


"Fits the MT4 mini temp great. I like the button belt strap for easy on and off."


"I got the pouch and temperature gun as a Christmas gift. The pouch is a bit small right now, but it may fit better as time goes on if the material stretches. I have to pull the cover portion down very hard to make the velcro catch, and I am afraid I will damage the temperature gun."

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