Greenlee (onsite storage boxes)

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The Greenlee line of onsite tool storage boxes are solid, weather proof and tough. Even the green coating is impressive (it's a thicker coating than any other gang box we've seen and it withstands abrasion quite well). The Greenlee chest style of box hides the pad lock in a recessed pocket so a thief can't get to it. It can't be cut with a hacksaw or sledge hammered, and cutters can't be applied because the lock and hasp simply can't be reached. Only a torch could get into this box.

Unless you get up close to a Greenlee box you won't appreciate the little extras to it's construction. As a quick example, the lid's steel lip is box-ended. This adds rigidity and forces a snug fit to the main box (no rubber gasket is required). In fact, we placed a Greenlee chest on the front of our flatbed trailer. Even in a pouring rain at 70mph, no water gets in. It's just a well done box.

We have found the Greenlee boxes and chests to be every bit as well built as our more expensive onsite boxes and we recommend you give these Greenlee storage chests some serious thought. We think you will find them an excellent value that won't disappoint.

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