Coleman Cable 12/3 50' Luma-Site Industrial Retractable Cord Reel

by Coleman Cable
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Wall bracket to front: 14"
Height: 14"
Width: 4-1/2"

Spring loaded, retractable, industrial grade ABS plastic reel

48" cord from reel to outlet

13 AMP

Luma-Site Heavy Duty Industrial Cord Reel with lighted Tri-Source receptacle and 15 amp circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker is easily accessible in the middle of the housing on the cord reel

12/3 SJTW cord provides all the power you need for heavy duty tools and appliances

The cord pulls out to the desired lenth up to 50 feet, locks and automatically retracts with a slight pull of the cord

A large stopper helps lock the cord in position and keeps it from fully retracting into the reel

The reel can easily be detached from the mounting bracket without the use of tools

The clear Tri-Source end lights up to let you know that there is power

The 15 amp circuit breaker protects the house or garage wiring

Warranty Information

Coleman Cable 8003239355



"The retractable reels are durable and will meet all of our expectations. I did have to change the female end of the cord to a single application instead of the three that was on the cord, but that was a piece of cake. Thanks again, Doug"


"I think this is a very good product, and the ease of ordering was very good too."


"Great reel. Pliable, heavy duty cord, and dependable retraction mechanism. Recommended!"


"The product is exactly what is described on the Arizona Tools website. Quality=excellent Ease-of-Installation=excellent Durability=unknown as installed only weeks ago."


"I have had this retractable cord reel for 30 days. It has worked fine thus far but that time frame is insginificant. A review at 1, 5 and 10 year intervals would be more meaningful"


"We just purchased a second Retractable Cord Reel because the first one has worked very well. These are installed on trucks that take a major pounding day after day and the assembly has held up well. Delivered on time."


"Unit is fine, problem was when I first went to use it, Plugged a radio into the 3 outlet receptical and it tripped the breaker. Found that the in-cased plugs were shorted.Used an ohms meter. Rather than send it back, I cut the plug off and rewired a new plug. Works fine!"


"Pretty much what I expected for the price. The return spring could be a little stronger to bring in the last couple of feet."


"Great addition to the garage. The days of tangled extension cords are behind me now. I am very pleased with the product."


"This was exactly what I wanted. I am very satisfied. Thanks"

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