12/3 Extension Cords

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We sell the Coleman brand of 12 guage extension cords because they use a tough molded-to-the-cord plug that won't fray or pull apart. We also like the Coleman's lighted recepticle so you can find the end of the extension cord in the dark (the lighted end also alerts you when power is present).

Be aware that most extension cords found in hardware stores use a #16 guage wire (for a maximum of 12 amps). Wire guaging establishes the cord's abililty to handle amperage. Since most homes use 12 guage wire for a maximum of 20 amps, lighter-duty cords can catch fire when a high amperage tool or electric space heater is applied. For example, a 1.5 HP air compressor is 17 amps, a 1500 watt space heater is 14 amps. Either of these tools applied to a lighter duty extension cord is an inevitable fire hazard. 


A good extension cord, like these Colemans, will last 10 years or more. So buy a good one and stay safe.