10/3 Extension Cords

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These 10/3 extension cords will last a lifetime. You'll want a heavy extension cord like these on a construction site when one cord is often used to drive multiple items (like an air compressor and some work lamps, etc.). Most home owners or tradesman will be happy with a 12 guage cord since they're less likely to 'over load' the cord (a 12 gauge extension cord is a lot lighter too!). Commericial contractors like the 10/3 gauge cords cause they stand-up to abuse better and are less likely to cause a fire when the crew hooks up everything' to it.


The Coleman 10 gauge extension cord uses molded ends which are about as tough as it gets. They also provide a lighted recepticle which alerts the user when power is present, and makes it easier to find the recepticle in the dark.