Steelman Engine Ear II Advanced Electronic Listening Tool

by Steelman - JS Products
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Steelman - JS Products 06800Ultra sensitive microphone and amplifier give full range of sounds needed by the professionalQuickly pinpoints noise and location of bad bearings, bushings, dirty fuel injectors, wind & air leaks, noisy valves & liftersNon-conductive coating will not bother expensive computer circuitryLimited distortion of unwanted sounds7-sound level control settings, 60db to 120 db, adds clarity to all types of noises db meter, monitorFlexible shaft reaches tight areasHigh-low volume controlBattery check position on control switchIncludes ABS carrying/storage caseSAVE TIME TROUBLE-SHOOTING
EngineEAR II is an advanced electronic stethoscope which dramatically outperforms and replaces the ordinary mechanic's stethoscope, and offers much more versatility to automotive, industrial and HVAC service techniciansThis time saving product is used to detect bad bearings, bushings, noisy lifters, exhaust manifold leaks, broken or chipped gear teeth. It is also used to pinpoint the location of wind and water leaks around doors, windows, and sunroofsSimply place the sensing tip on the suspect part, place the professional headphones over both ears (blocks surrounding noise), turn on unit, adjust the volume control, db sound level and listen to what's going onA new level of problem solving... The EngineEAR II with the 7-sound levels enables the operator to select the correct frequency from 60dB to 1200dB, thus adding clarity to all types of noisesThe new inductive Metal Probe quickly fits over the EngineEAR II microphone and is perfect when you need a longer reach, or are working around very hot surfaces. It senses the faintest vibrations and transmits very clear sounds to the headphones through our extraordinary amplifier

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"This looks like an ordinary $50 Radio Shack sound level meter with a goose neck microphone and headphones attached. Certainly nothing specially engineered for automobile use, such as a parametric tone control to zero in on sounds. And we wonder why the Chinese are catching up..."

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