Diagonostic Scopes, Scanners & Code Readers

Tel: 1-800-429-3289

For serious diagnostics, you need a good scope or scan tool. The trick is to find one that's easy to use, provides yearly software updates, and is reasonably priced. OTC's Genisys and Perception diagnostic scopes are top sellers because they're rugged and use good sense in they're screen's layout and terminology. OTC's scopes use plug-in modules to add new features, which keeps your scope up to date and saves you money over time).

We also carry a full line of other reputable engine diagnostic tools that are excellent values, along with all the software updates to keep your investment current.

If you have any questions regarding the OTC scopes, call OTC's Technical Support at 800-533-6127. They're very helpful. If you need additional 'Test Leads' (cables), we've placed those in Test Leads & Adapters. Don't forget to checkout our line of Code Readers too (see the link on the left).