Cliplight AC Stop Leak

by Cliplight Inc
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Cliplight 946KIT AC Stop LeakIncludes anti-tamper fittingsNow with limited warranty.
Seals leaks fast.
Easily installed in minutes.
Permanently seals leaks in condenser, evaporator, accumulator, compressor, gaskets, o-rings, metal lines & hoses.

Warranty Information

Cliplight Inc 8005267096



"My 1994 Explorer had completely non-functional air conditioning. I replaced a rusted out line and blocked orifice tube, and the accumulator/drier. However, when I charged the system, it leaked down within 24 hours. I could hear a hissing, but was unable to find the leak. Three cans of ultraviolet dye later, I was still completely unable to figure out just where the leak was. Not knowing what part to replace, I had almost given up on fixing the A/C in my truck, and figured I'd give this Cliplight sealant a try - after spending so much on parts and cans of refrigerant, what did I have to lose? Even though my system was leaking down faster than what the Cliplight documentation said it could fix, I thought I'd give it a try anyway. When it arrived, I was unimpressed. How could this tiny little can of sealant possibly fix my system? I evacuated recharged my system once more and followed the very precise and detailed instructions that came with the Cliplight kit. An hour later, my leak was gone, and the system was holding pressure. It has been three weeks since I used the Cliplight sealant, and my truck's A/C has held its pressure perfectly, and the A/C is blowing ice cold. I never would have expected this product to work, but it does - amazingly well! I can't recommend it highly enough. You need to have some clue as to what you are doing - this is not a typical "DIY" product. You should have proper manifold gauges and vacuum pump equipment. But if your car's A/C is leaking and failing within a few days of being recharged, this is the product for you."

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