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Macnaught USA

Warranty Description

Macnaught equipment carries a 5 year warranty supported by dealers and service centers around the world. No matter which item you purchase or where you purchase it, Macnaught spare parts are available to you. The result is the type of customer satisfaction that has enabled Macnaught to continue as a leading manufacturer and supplier of greasing and pumping equipment for over 50 years. Macnaught equipment is designed to last, be completely serviceable, and comes with a detailed instruction sheet. The exploded diagram and spare parts listing make do-it-yourself repairs easy and allow you to maintain your Macnaught equipment long into the future. Retracta®, Mini-Lube®, Power Lube®, Oilmaster®, and Macnaught® are all registered trademarks of Macnaught Pty Ltd. Macnaught Pty Ltd reserve the right to modify or alter product materials, dimensions, design, and construction when necessary to improve the performance of our products. Please check with your local reseller or Macnaught to confirm current specifications of our products.

Phone Number

(813) 628-5506