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Badger Air Brush

Warranty Description

Badger Air-Brush Co. 9128 W. Belmont Ave. Franklin Park, IL 60131 Use the address given above to send in repairs. Indicate the model of the airbrush you are sending on the outside of the box (example: Attn: Model 100 Service). Make sure you include a sheet of paper with a brief description of the problem and most importantly include your return address and phone/fax numbers. Often times the packaging gets destroyed or the labels are torn off. We need to know who sent the airbrush in order to be able to return it. All packages must arrive pre-paid (that means you will have to pay for postage to get the package to us). If there will be a charge to repair your airbrush, we will contact you first before we do the repair (that is why your phone number is important). Repairs generally take 1 to 2 weeks plus the shipping time. We will pay for the shipping back to you via regular mail.

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Phone Number

(800) 247-2787