Hitachi Tools

Tel: 1-800-429-3289

Hitachi makes some of the most rugged power tools available. You'll find a lot of rental stores use the Hitachi tool line because they hold up so well.

We'd like to mention that ArizonaTools has a unique arrangement with Hitachi that permits us to drop-ship thier heavier tools directly to you from Hitachi's warehouse. This permits us to save you the cost of double shipping (one ship charge to us, another charge to ship to you). We're not aware of any other distributor with this priviledge.

So, because of our sales volume of Hitachi products, we're able to pass-on an even greater savings to you. We know the Internet is a competitive place. We encourage you to compare your total cost (product and shipping price) when making your decision. We're confident you'll find ArizonaTools your best choice because we're serious about saving you money.