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The Lincoln POWERLUBER Cordless Grease Gun is the #1 selling cordless grease gun in American. It's reliable and saves time. The Lincoln Powerluber comes in 12v, 14.4v and the 18v model. Each model offers one or two batteries. The lowest voltage model will do about 150 zirks between charges. You get about twice the number of zirks out of each higher-voltage model before a recharge is required. 

A cordless grease gun is not a 'gadget'. It really makes quick work of doing a grease job. Instead of 20 minutes to grease a backhoe, tracktor or buldozer the PowerLuber will do it 5 minutes! It's that much of a time saver. There are other cordless grease gun manufacturers but the feedback we get is the PowerLuber lasts and lasts.  It's simply the best of all the cordless grease guns out there. 

Below are the different models for the Lincoln Cordless Grease Gun:



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