1/2" x 24" Carbide-Tipped Masonry Drill Bit

by New England Twist
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Masonry, Extra Length, Regular Helix 118 Degree Point, Carbide Tip, Black Oxide Heavy-duty construction provides additional strength Wide flutes for fast dust removal in softer materials such as brick, concrete and sandstone where extra length for reach is desired Shank diameter - 1/4" Will drill concrete, brick, stone and most other masonry & tile products

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New England Twist 5088970678

Cutting tools may shatter or break if used improperly. Government regulation requires use of safety glasses when using these tools. All tools are guaranteed against defects in workmanship, any defective tools will be replaced no charge. We assume no warranty or responsibility for any tool that is altered, modified, or used in an improper manner or under unsafe working conditions.



"these are a GREAT value!!!"


"It worked to drill a hole in a 24 inch thick straw bale house to attach a computer cable. Thanks for the help."


"In 22 years as a cable installer this is the best bit available. One bit handles everything you encounter, wood to mortar. Great price too!"

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