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Bolt Cutters

Sure you can save a few dollars if you purchase a no-name bolt cutter from China. But, they just don't last. We carry HIT and HK Porter bolt cutters because, well, they're the best. Let's face it, you don't use a bolt cutter everyday, but, and you tend to keep it lifetime. If you buy an HK Porter or HIT brand, you'll have it till you retire! There are some tools where saving a few bucks is too expensive!

The bolt cutters below are top grade tempered high carbon steel, the assembly won't twist, bend or warp. Bolt cutters are simple devices, but the difference is in the materials used. HIT and HK Porter are 'THE' names in bolt cutter manufacturers. For the 10% more you'll pay, you'll never have a regret, even after you retire.

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