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There's really two kinds of 12v battery chargers in the world: the high-amp type that'll fast-charge or jump-start a car (used mostly in repair shops), and the low-amp typeintended to maximize the life of the battery. For high-amp shop quality chargers consider the American made Associated brand, which are the workhorses of every repair shop. 

For low-amp charging (i.e. called 'Smart Chargers' because they use a microprocessor to maximize the life of your battery!), consider the CTEK or Pro-Logix low amp chargers. These battery chargers won't jump-start a car like shop chargers. Instead, they're specifically designed to gently charge a 6v or 12v lead-acid or Gel battery using intelligent circuitry that tapers-off the charge rate to reduce gassing and, on some models, desulfate the plates.

Our preference is the CTEK line of chargers. CTEK's model 800 does a low amp 3-stage charge that'll charge the battery, then cycle into a pulsing mode to top-off the charge, and eventually reduce amps to trickle for safe longterm maintenance of the battery. The CTEK 3300 offers more amps and adds a fourth cycle that'll even do a monthly periodic pulse to desulfate the battery plates. If too much still isn't enough, CTEK 7002 is the only 8-stage charger in the world which sets it apart from any other Smart charger on the market.

If you like to understand the products you buy, here's the 'skinny' on 12v chargers: Most 'smart' charges today are 3 stage. But the CTEK's 4th desulfates the battery (which is the #1 reason batteries grow 'old' prematurely). CTEK's 7002 model power defulfates better, and provides a de-stratification mode that re-mixes the heavier acids that settle in the battery water... thus getting the best life out of a stored battery. 

 All the CTEK chargers can be used on AGM, GEL, MF, and Lead Acid batteries. You just won't find better charging equipment.

Only the CTEK 7002 is weatherproof and has mounting flanges for those who want to keep it permently attached it to the car. All CTEK chargers comes with one set of quick connect aligator leads for mobile use whose leads include an inline quick disconnect coupler 'eyelet' leads so you can permanantly attach them to the battery and then uncouple the CTEK unit when you want to go (it's marginally faster). They also come with high-quality aligator clamp-type leads.

Our second favorite 12v charger is the Pro-Logix brand. Their design address the need for a faster charge rate over the CTEK's and assumes you'll want to carry the unit around. So, the Pro-Logix charger is a little larger, not weather proof, provides 3-stage charging and includes stow-away clamps for convenient portability. They're well built too.

Be aware that not all manufacturer's 'smart' chargers handle Gel, AGM, MF, lead acid. We only carry the CTEK & Pro-Logix smart chargers because, in truth, they both produce about as cutting-edge a battery charger as you're gonna find.

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