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There's really two kinds of 12v battery chargers in the world: the high-amp type that'll fast-charge or jump-start a car (used mostly in repair shops), and the low-amp type intended to maximize the life of the battery. For high-amp shop quality chargers consider the American made Associated brand, which are the workhorses of every repair shop.

If you like to understand the products you buy, here's the 'skinny' on 12v chargers: Most 'smart' charges today are 3 stage (bulk charge , top-it-off, pulse mode to maintain the charge). For charges with a 4th stage the charger will desulfate the at various moments during prolonged maintenance mode. A 5-stage charger will agitate (stir) the acid to cause the heavier acid at the bottom of the battery to mix evenly with the upper area. Called stratification, acid density occurs only if the battery is left unused for months at a time.  

Lastly, depending on your needs, consider whether the charger is waterproof, water-resistant, portable, mountable, and what type of leads it uses (some leads are eyelets for permenent attachment, orther are small or large aligator grips). 

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