Goodyear/Continental 3/4" x 50' USA Black Rubber Water Hose

by Goodyear
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Goodyear/Continental  3/4" x 50' Black Rubber Water Hose

Horizon (Trade Mark)

Contractors Grade 3/4" I.D. heavy duty black rubber water hose

This USA hose features a 200 lb working psi, is black in color and has machine brass hose couplings that are banded on with a steel band

This hose will handle hot water but not steam

This is a hose that will stand up to being run over 10 hours a day on a construction site

American made by Goodyear

Warranty Information

These haevy duty hoses are truly one of our best re-order items for many of our water districts, golf coarses and city municipalities. They like the idea that they can buy a hose that willl last for years. This is definitely not a hose you can buy at Sam's or Costco!




"Best Price, Fast Shipping, Excellent Product, Great Company."


"Outstanding product."


"We use these hoses commercially, including laying on a major thoroughfare here in Los Angeles. They are holding up. Also high in importance are the end fittings. We usually have to have even the local "commercial" hoses retrofitted with brass fittings that can stand the abuse. These look as if they will retain their 'round'. Thanks Arizona Tools!"


"Thank you for your prompt shipping. This is a very good extra heavy duty hose I could not find one like it locally. I thank you for your customer concern."

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