Goodyear 3/4" x 100' USA Black Rubber Water Hose

by Goodyear
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Horizon (Trade Mark)

Contractors Grade 3/4" I.D. heavy duty black rubber water hose

This USA hose features a 200 lb working psi, is black in color and has machine brass hose couplings that are banded on with a steel band

This hose will handle hot water but not steam

 This is a hose that will stand up to being run over 10 hours a day on a construction site

 American made by Goodyear/Continental.

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"Very good quality rubber hose. Have ordered this hose several times over the years for various commercial properties and really like the quality and durability of this product."


"Very good hose with excellent flexibility and strength. Hose diameter allows good flow for industrial, commercial and residential applications."




"Heavy Duty Hose!!"


"This is a very high quality, industrial grade hose. I wanted a 3/4" hose for my shop for cleaning equipment and for flushing cooling systems on the boats. My previous hose was a vinyl composition material, which got too stiff to work with when cold water ran through it or when the outside temperature was cold. This hose has a much more consistent flex to it. It would have been even nicer if the fittings on the ends were machine-crimped like the hoses you buy in stores. However, I don't expect to ever need to replace this hose."


"These are excellent quality products. (I bought four 100' hoses.) The rubber hose itself has remained flexible even in extreme sub-zero temperatures. (I bought them for flooding a large skating rink in Minnesota.)"

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