Tracerline Coolant Dye-Lite Dye

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Tracerline TP39000008(shown in image on right)Services 8 vehicles.Find leaks in radiators, hoses, water pumps and fittings.Also finds wind and water leaks when used with a high pressure sprayer.Highly concentrated glow bright.Twin neck bottle for easy measuring.

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Tracer Products' parent company, Spectronics Corporation, invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955 and is the world leader in ultraviolet and UV/blue light technology. Tracerline® leak detection is so effective that one of the "Big 3" U.S. auto manufacturers has installed Fluoro-Lite® dye in the air-conditioning systems of all its cars right from the factory since the 1995 model year. Fluoro-Lite is also factory installed in new cars and trucks by other automakers in the U.S. as well as Japan, Europe and Korea. Tracer Products' Fluoro-Lite/P® and Fluoro-Lite/E® dyes meet or exceed SAE standard J2297 for refrigerant leak detection in R-134a/PAG A/C systems.

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