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Ken-Tool, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tire service tools, has unveiled a new tool specifically designed to address the challenges of demounting truck tires affordably and efficiently – in the shop or on roadside service calls

The Ken-Tool Blue Cobra Truck Tire Demount Tool is ergonomically designed to allow a technician to quickly remove the tire from the rim on the floor with a single tool

The Blue Cobra tool is designed to service 20-, 22.5- and 24.5-inch rims mounted with tube or tubeless style wheels up to 13-inches wide

The Blue Cobra tool’s secret is found in its unique head made from premium grade steel, and equipped with two heavy-duty, industrial nylon rollers which protect the rim and provide rolling fulcrum points to reduce user fatigue

The head is press fit into the ergonomic shaped handle, fabricated from heavy gauge steel tubing and equipped with a non-slip handle grip

Since the Blue Cobra tool is made from steel, it will provide longer service life compared to non-ferrous tools made of brass or bronze

When servicing the new generation of wide tires, a forged aluminum bead support above the head grabs the top bead when lifting the bottom bead off the rim, improving the technician’s efficiency

The ergonomically designed Blue Cobra tool reduces service technician back strain and reduces the time needed to demount the tire.

The Blue Cobra tool demounts tires in three easy motions and greatly reduces back strain, without the need to lift the tire and wheel assembly to demount the bottom bead.

A tire can be demounted in seconds and the tool is easy to learn how to use.

While the Blue Cobra is not likely to damage steel or alloy wheels, Ken-Tool includes the patented leather wheel protector (pn 31810) with each tool so that technicians can show their customers that every step is being taken to protect their wheel investment

Ken-Tool also offers a service kit to replace worn rollers (pn 35441) with two nylon rollers and roll pins.

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