3-Wire Clear Heat Shrink Kits for #10/12/14 AWG
(50 Kits)

by American Granby Inc.
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American Granby 3-Wire Heavy Wall Clear Heat Shrink Kits (50pk)

For #10 to #14 AWG Wire

Contains 3 Tubes and 3 Wire connectors

Tube size: .42" x 3"

1) Slide shrink tube over wire to be spliced together, one tube for each set of two wires
2) Crimp wire connector on wire, first making sure you have a shrink tube over one of the wires
3) Center shrink tube over splice
4) Apply heat to shrink tube from the center out. Do not overheat!!
5) Your splice is complete when the tube has shrunk down and sealant flows from the end of the tube

This special shrink tube provides a completely waterproof, corrosion resistant seal.
Designed for installing underwater electric pumps and other extreme situations including marine and industrial applications.
Pure polyoelyfln sealant Water Well shrink tube kits.
Apply heat from a torch, lighter, etc. and when the tubing has shrunk a sealant will ooze out and the process is complete.

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American Granby Inc. 8007762266


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