Keson 300' Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure

by Keson Industries
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A Keson best seller! Since 1968 this style of Keson fiberglass tape has been providing customers with accurate measurements. They are used in the harshest conditions in which people measure, and they stand to the only test that matters: field performance.

We have made modifications to the housing over the years:

  • Better plastic and molding shapes for increased durability.
  • Double screws to hold the housing together in the event of a drop.
  • Better blade axle to reduce breakage due to the weight of the tape if dropped.

We’ve been honoring warranty dates long past a single year and we are now proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on these products.


  • Tough, molded handle is easy to grasp.
  • The crank handle is reinforced with metal to provide years of rugged use.
  • Double-throat rollers guide the blade return and prevent the tape from twisting.
  • The shovel handle is ideal for rapid reeling.

Warranty Information

We sell these tapes to many different types of contractors from road builders and excavating contractors to landscape contractors. The best feature of this tape is the fact that you can get it wet or muddy and you can just rinse it off and it will not rust like a steel tape measure.

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There is no substitute for quality. The quality of our product offering is ensured by select raw materials, unparalleled manufacturing, superior testing, and exacting control standards. At Keson, our final measure of quality is total, end-user satisfaction. Our mission is to embody the highest standards in our industry. There is no better way to build loyal customer relationships. Since measuring and marking tools are our only business, we can focus on supplying the best of these products.



"The Tape Measure performed to my expectation. The numbers are clear and the rewinding process is easy. My only negative is the smell. Yes, the smell. It seems that the foam handle gives off a very unpleasant odor. Maybe the smell will go away with time, I sure hope so."

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