77PC 1/2" Interlocking Brass Stencil Combo Letter & Number Set

by C.H. Hanson Co.
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The C.H. Hanson Co. 10106 77pc 1/2" Interlocking Brass Stencil Single COMBINATION Letter & Number SetUse brush or spray ink, paint or markersQuick, legible signs on all surfacesMaterial type: BrassAA BB CC DD EE FF GG HH II JJ KK LL MM NN OO PP Q RR SS TT UU V WW X Y Z &1- Beginner, 1- Plain Ender, 1- Period Ender, 2- Spacers, 1- Comma, 1- Dash, 2- Periods

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The C. H. Hanson Company has been a Chicago based manufacturer, owned by the same family since 1866. For over 135 years, the company has established itself as a premier full line manufacturer of Metal Marking Stamps, Brass Adjustable Stencils, Metal Tags, and other identification accessories. Over the past ten years, C.H. Hanson has focused its efforts on a significant product expansion, through the acquisition of innovative products and by creating strategic partnerships. Today, Hanson is one of the only companies to offer a full line of products and packaging, as well as a merchandising Focus, for an ever-growing Marking, Identification, and Safety products category. It is all part of the tradition of Hanson; to meet and exceed the demands of its customers and markets.

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