15PC 1-1/2" Interlocking Brass Stencil NUMBER ONLY Set

by C.H. Hanson Co.
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The C.H. Hanson Co. 10009 15pc 1-1/2" Interlocking Brass Stencil Single NUMBER ONLY Set. Durable brass stencils slide together and come apart easily. Use brush or spray ink, paint or markers. Quick, legible signs on all surfaces. Material type: Brass. Depicted symbol: Beginner; Plain Ender; Dash; Period. Depicted text: 00 thru 9. Character size: 1-1/2".

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The C. H. Hanson Company has been a Chicago based manufacturer, owned by the same family since 1866. For over 135 years, the company has established itself as a premier full line manufacturer of Metal Marking Stamps, Brass Adjustable Stencils, Metal Tags, and other identification accessories. Over the past ten years, C.H. Hanson has focused its efforts on a significant product expansion, through the acquisition of innovative products and by creating strategic partnerships. Today, Hanson is one of the only companies to offer a full line of products and packaging, as well as a merchandising Focus, for an ever-growing Marking, Identification, and Safety products category. It is all part of the tradition of Hanson; to meet and exceed the demands of its customers and markets.

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