Sait 7" x 7/8" 220G Specialty Silicon Carbide Fiber Discs
(25 Discs)

by United Abrasives Sait
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Sait 50110 7" x 7/8" 220-Grit Specialty Silicon Carbide Fiber Discs 25pkSait 220-Grit Specialty Silicon Carbide Fiber Discs. Silicon carbide grain. Closed coat structure for more material removal. Glass, marble, ceramic, hard cast iron. Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals. Tech Info: Resin over resin construction for a strong bond that is resistant to heat and moisture. Vulcanized fiber backing for heavy duty sanding.

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"Ditto! You need a hard backer pad, I bought mine from Richardson Recreation Ranch :)"


"I am using this disc to polish cut thundereggs from central Oregon. I am using a 7" Porter Cable rubber backer pad. It is to flexible. I need to use a stiffer or harder pad. Even with this minor problem I would like to say I like this disc very much as it gives me better grinding control. This disc has lasted many times longer than the light weight disc that I have been using. I will be getting some finer grit from you in the future. The higher price that your product cost was well worth it. Thank you Max L. Hatfield"

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