Steinel LCD Hot Air Welder Kit

by Polyvance
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This two-speed hot air welder does a smoother job than direct contact gun-style plastic welders

The welder is Swiss made and provides finer control over the air temperature, and weld temperature to make the job a lot easier

Hot air welding is the preferred plastic welding technique used by most professionals

The Steinel hot air welding kit includes:

15' 1/8" diameter ABS rod - (5003R3)

15' 1/8" diameter Natural colored Polyethylene rod - (5003R4)

15' 1/8" diameter Black Polypropylene rod - (5003R2)

15' 1/8" diameter Gray TPO - (5003R5)

15' 7/16" x 1/16" flat strip of Black Polyethylene - (5003R13B)

15' 7/16" x 1/16" flat strip of Natural Polyethylene - (5003R13W)

4' 1/8" diameter polycarbonate rod

This hot-air plastic welder redefines the word easy

This high-tech heat gun is just loaded with benefits

A built-in two speed blower eliminates the need for a separate air-compressor

You can dial-in the perfect temperature with the temperature control dial

Take off the welding tip, and you have a really high-tech heat gun

The included speed tip lets you blast through your welds by guiding your welding rod into the proper position

It will stand up vertically so you don't have to worry about burning-up your work area

Digital indicator reveals the working temperature

Temperatures from 1500 watt, 120F to 1,100F

Variable airflow from 7 to 17.6 cfm

UL listed

Swiss made

Warranty Information

Urethane Supply Company provides problem-solving and time-saving plastic repair and refinishing products to the automotive collision repair market. We are constantly searching for new ways to provide added value to our customers through new and improved products and information, while leading the industry standards.

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"Worked great!!!!! Saved lots$$$ repairing my waste tanks on rv!!!!!!!!"


"For a first time user, this allowed me to fix a broken $640 part in just 5 minutes. It's already paid for itself and we can see many future uses for this tool."


"Good sampling of material in order to make proper repairs and know which type of material is needed for each type of repair."


"Excellent quality, does what it claims to do. Very good easy to read instructions."


"Your Hot Air Welder Kit work very well. The air type are somewhat faster then the other kind. Thank you! Sincerely, Robert"


"We use them in the body shop I work in and I've had fine result from them. I saw the prior customer's comments on a German model, but I never heard of those. This Steinel we use is real controllable and does nice work."


"The new generation machines have little problems compared to the old Zinser German models."

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