Pro Kayak & Canoe Welder w/ Green Rods

by Polyvance
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Using the KC Welder Pro, you can create permanent repairs to your cracked kayak or cracked canoe

This welder comes with everything you need

With the KC Welder, you get a heavy duty 80 watt element with a tip that makes repairs easy, (12) Green polyethylene rods, and (1) 9" x  5 1/2"sheet of Stainless steel reinforcing mesh


Using the KC Welder, you can repair your Pelican® canoe, Coleman® canoe or kayak, quickly and easily.

The following models can also  be repaiired using the kayak and canoe repair kit:

Old Town Canoe

Dagger Kayak
Nomad Kayak 
Perception Kayak
Harmony Kayak
Anadyr Kayak

Hobie Kayak 
Wavesport Kayak
Mad River Kayak

Liquid Logic Kayak
Pyranha Kayak 
Wind Rider Triamaran
Escape Captiva
Laser Pico
Hobie Cat Club Wave

Warranty Information

Urethane Supply Company provides problem-solving and time-saving plastic repair and refinishing products to the automotive collision repair market. We are constantly searching for new ways to provide added value to our customers through new and improved products and information, while leading the industry standards.

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"Patched holes and scratches very well. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to take the Coleman canoe on water - winter has arrived. But it sure looks good and seems to have worked very well. Will have to wait for spring to verify all is good,"


"Having never needed to make a kayak repair I relied on other reviews in order to make this purchase. I called in and swapped out the green rods for orange and placed my order without any problems. Product arrived quickly and with only a little direction I was able to create what I feel is a very good repair. I would prefer an on off switch as the unit is either plugged in and on, or unplugged to be off, but for how infrequently I plan on using it this is a minor inconvenience. Definitely recommend this product."


"This welder is much better than others I have used. The only short coming with this unit is that it does not have a power on light or indicator. It is much stronger than the junk Harbor Freight sells. This will last the average user a long time. It is worth the extra money."


"Thanks, it works just fine on the small repairs I needed to make. I would recomend to all who have owned Kayaks that need repairs."


"Was easy to use and had the canoe repaired in less than an hour. If you have an old coleman canoe this works wonders and stops the leak."


"service and shipping was good. The device worked as advertised. I just wish it had more power."


"This was my first attempt at welding plastic. I was impressed how easy it was to weld and how strong the repair was. I had my canoe on the river the next morning! Thanks, Del"


"I don't have much experience with the KC Welder, but I was able to seal the 2 small slits in my scanoe. I won't know how good of a job I did until I put it in the water, which should be soon!! If the repairs hold up it will definitely be a very good investment I made because we have 3 canoes at home and are regulars on the river, for both fishing and paddling."


"The tool was easy to use. I'm not sure how well it repaired my scanoe because I've not had a chance to use it since the repair was done? However, if the tool does what it claims to, it will be well worth the cost if you compare it to how much a new scanoe would cost."


"Excellent product, very easy to use and it did a great job! I highly recommend it for the repair of a Coleman Crawdad boat."

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