Plastic Radiator Tank Welder Repair Kit

by Polyvance
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With the Plastic Radiator Repair Kit, you can repair a leaking radiator quickly and easily

Fix plastic radiators using this affordable kit for repairing those plastic tanks on automotive radiators and truck radiators

By fixing a leaking radiator at home or at your place of business,you can save a lot of money over buying replacement radiators

The affordable Plastic Radiator Tank Repair Kit from Urethane Supply Company has everything you need to perform a radiator crack repair

With this kit, you get an 80 watt heating element, a tip that makes repairing a leaking radiator easy, and 15 feet (4.6 m) of nylon welding rod (the same material that car radiators are made from)

In just a few minutes, you can do an inexpensive radiator repair rather then taking it to a radiator repair shop or purchasing a new radiator.

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Urethane Supply Company provides problem-solving and time-saving plastic repair and refinishing products to the automotive collision repair market. We are constantly searching for new ways to provide added value to our customers through new and improved products and information, while leading the industry standards.

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"Good service and arrived here earlier than expected. Used the kit and it worked well!"


"It worked, but I guess I didn't use enough of the nylon, and the radiator had a smaller hole again. It did work though on a 6 inch long crack. I would suggest going in as deep as you comfortably can and use quite a bit of the nylon and work your way inch by inch slowly. I ended up buying a new radiator after the second leak so I only tested it out for about 30mins with the car running and the other spots seemed fine. It works well for short term use, but I did not get to test it out long term. I would recommend just buying a new radiator if its $150 or less."


"Worked like a charm and saved 280 bucks from the dealership. Take your time; let the iron do the work."



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