PlastiFix Kit

by Polyvance
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Plastifix is a revolutionary methacrylate monomer adhesive system that allows you to fill gaps and fabricate missing pieces.

Repairs virtually any rigid plastic including ABS, polycarbonate (PC), PVC, PET, SMC, and fiberglass.

 Also works on wood and metal.

This kit includes 30 grams of WHITE powder, 50 ml of liquid, one molding bar, two application needles, two applicator cups, and one transfer pipet.

Mixing the entire contents would be just a little bit smaller than a golf ball.

Also available in Black and Clear.

Does NOT work on olefin plastics like polyethylene, polypropylene, TPO, and TEO.

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Urethane Supply Company provides problem-solving and time-saving plastic repair and refinishing products to the automotive collision repair market. We are constantly searching for new ways to provide added value to our customers through new and improved products and information, while leading the industry standards.

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