Nitro Fuzer Accessory Shelf

by Polyvance
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Polyvances 6074 Nitro Fuzer Accessory Shelf can be easily attached to any flat-topped (6057 through 6085) Polyvance nitrogen welder. It folds out to expand working space on top of the welder, and it folds back for compact storage. The shelf features an upturned edge to keep your items from rolling off, and slots that accommodate the triggers of most air tools.

*Tools are not included.*

Open dimensions: 16.8 in x 9.4 in x 0.75 in (42.7 cm x 23.9 cm x 1.9 cm)

Closed dimensions: 10.5 in x 9.4 in x 0.81 in (26.7 cm x 23.9 cm x 1.9 cm)

Safely holds tools like grinders, cutters, and sanders.
Installs easily.
Increases the utility of the welding cart set-up.
Folds out of the way when not in use.

Powder-coated, 16 gauge steel for durability.
Bolted design for strength and simplicity.
Slotted edge design to hold extra air tools.
10 lb weight limit

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