Schley Compact Oxygen Sensor Wrench

by Schley Products
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Schley Products Inc 88750 Compact Oxygen Sensor Wrench. For use with any size electrical connector. This unique wrench has been designed for 16-valve GTI Volkswagens, and can be used with most all oxygen sensors no matter what size electrical terminal connectors they have. Its compact design with a 3/8" square drive allows for easy access to the oxygen sensor which is often located in a very confined area like the rear oxygen sensors on all VW 4-cylinder 1996 and later. Made from quality heat-treated steel, this tool works on both Foreign and Domestic cars.

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Schley Products Inc. has been in business since 1979 producing specialty automotive hand tools. Our commitment is to develop and produce specialty tools that enable the professional technician to perform their job in an efficient time saving manner. We will not compromise quality for price and strongly feel that our name is our strength to the quality commitment.

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