13PC Metric Continuous Combo Wr Set
(20mm to 32mm)

by American Presto - Wisdom
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Set consists of:

20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 30mm, 31mm, 32mm

Forged alloy steel, heat treated, chrome plated

Warranty Information

American Presto - Wisdom 9093905288

We make every effort to assure that our products meet high quality and durability standards and we warrant all new "WISDOM" brand tools to original purchaser against any defect in material and workmanship. This Warranty does not apply to defects due driectly to misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents, repair or alterations outside our facilities, or to a lack of maintenance. Tools with a limited lifetime or 90 days warrant are only valid from the date of original retail purchase. Tools or parts returned to us will be repaired of replaced free of charge if determined to be defective. All defective returned merchandise must be accompanied by sales receipt or invoice with freight or postage prepaid.



"The price for these tools is hard to beat. Believe me, I searched and searched the internet and could not find the complete set I was looking for until I discovered Arizona Tools. My only negative comment is the the case that the wrenches came in was torn in several of the pockets. I am an organized person so I wish the case were usable but it is not. It is made of cheap plastic that obviously tears easily."




"The 13 piece combination metric wrench set 20mm to 32mm is a great buy. It has 21mm, 26mm and 29mm combination wrenches needed to work on Kubota tractors. The 26mm wrench is hard to find and if found costs $ 16 and the 29mm wrench is almost impossible to find and costs $ 45 of course add tax. The whole set was $ 36 plus $ 15 shipping. The open ends of the wrenches are deep making them more usable than other brands like craftsman. I also found that the closed ends fit the bolts they are machined for. One review I read said, that the wrenches may be sized small and one needed to use the next size up. I found this not to be true at least on my Kubota tractor. I am very happy with the set and got the work I needed done on the hydraulic lines. I needed to split my tractor to replace the clutch. I plan on looking at more products made by American Presto like a 1/2" drive socket set from 20mm to 32mm 13 piece. I recommend this set to anyone that needs to work with metric products. I also plan on looking at sets from 6mm to 19mm which I have but are missing some sizes and some wrenches are wearing out. I am also planning on looking at a 1/2" drive ratchet with extensions and a large 1/2" breaker bar that is as long as I can get."


"I bought this set to fill in for some of the harder to get sizes, like 29mm. Strangely enough they are slightly a tighter fit than some other brands, and the 29mm didn't fit the expected application, the 30mm fit instead. Already had a 30mm of another brand, but it was such a sloppy fit, I was sure it was too big. I haven't measured the prestos, but I suspect they might be .3 to.5mm smaller than other brands of that size. That will be ok, since it is a full set. Thank-You"


"Can't beat this set for the price. I bought it to work on a Kubota diesel engine. The handles are not as smooth as S-K, but the wrenches are strong and worked great on my engine repair project."


"The product works great. Just as I thought it would. Can't beat the price. No one can match the price for the amount of product you get."


"they aren't spectacularly well crafted, but for chinese-made chrome plated wrenches, at the price, they're pretty damn good. I bought these after pricing a single 29mm name-brand box wrench that cost just slightly less than this whole pile o' wrenches!"

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