Professional Cordless / Computer-Safe Circuit Tester

by Sheffield Research - GTC
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Sheffield Research/GTC 8002Rugged Solid State electronic voltage detector needs no wire or clip connector to groundSafe around automotive microcomputers, electronics control modules, sensors, etcSpecifically designed for use on autos, trucks, trailers, RV's & boatsFeatures:
No ground wire means no wire tangles nor time lost searching for grounding pointsHigh Impedance Electronic circuitrySafety V-groove needle accessory for piercing and carringNegligible Current Draw ( 20 micro-amps) is 10,000 times less than regular lamp type testersThis gives complete safety when working around sensitive electronic control modules and sensorsOperating Range between 3 and 28 Volt DC in battery powered systems. Buzzer & LED Indicator gives audible and visual signal when positive voltage is detected, making it ideal for reaching congested placesBuzzer vibration indicates even when used in noisy out-of-sight locationsProfessional rugged Stainless Steel metal construction is damage resistantLong-life alkaline batteries installedTechnical Specifications:
No Ground or clip required
1 Mohm Minimum input impedance (approx. 20 micro-amps @ 24 Volt)
Operates from 3 to 28 Volts
D.C, Light, buzzer and vibration indicator
Metal construction
Long life size "N' batteries included
Solid State lamp for lifetime lasting performance

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Manufacturers of diagnostic and testing equipment for use in all type of vehicles. Product range includes: digital tachometers, ignition voltage testers, DC wiring throubleshooting, multimeters, cordless circuit testers, infrared thermometers,

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"son muy buenas las herramientas que ustedes ofrecen tanto en calidad como en precio espero seguir contando con ustedes en un futuro muchas gracias por su comprension"


"I recently purchased the CT8002 Circuit Tester and used it to track down a series of 12v problems on my RV. The unit worked well and was simple to use. This is not, however, an inductive unit, as I thought it was. You’ve still got to touch the tip to an exposed connector, or puncture the wire using the probe’s sharpened tip (the plastic sleeve around the tip is removable for this reason). The other ‘surprise’ for me was grounding. While no ground lead is required, as would be with a multimeter, your other hand MUST be touching a ground for the unit to work (which I discovered after reading the mfg instructions). For example, I touched a hot wire and nothing happened. While touching that wire, I located a screw’s head and touched it. Zzzzing. The unit beeped, buzzed, and lit up. Touching a painted surface, etc. doesn’t work. I did find, though, that the lightest of a touch on even a poor ground, like a rusted area or a scratched painted surface, worked just fine, even with dirty hands. Am I pleased with this tester? Sure. It’s a lot more convenient than the two-lead Fluke multimeter I used to use and I like the sound/light/vibration feedback. The unit is rugged (I accidentally dropped it twice from about 4’ and no problems), it stores well – just toss it in your toolbox, and no wires to wind-up. The unit uses a Duracell MN9100 battery (looks like a tiny version of the AAA) and is supposed to last years. If you’re just testing for On/Off conditions on DC circuits LESS than 28v, it’s great."

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