15/16" 12-Pt Flat Stem Satin Finish Combo Wr
(6 Wr.)

by Wright Tool
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Wright Tool 1130 15/16" 12-Point Flat Stem Satin Finish Combination Wrench (6pk). Wright wrenches feel as good as they look. And they have a reserve of strength for tough jobs. They feature the patented Wright Drive, which provides more torque with less fastener damage, distributing stress evenly over a larger contact area and away from the fastener corners. They're ideal for applications ranging from standard nuts and bolts to aerospace fasteners. Made in the USA.

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Wright Tool is making a difference in the tool industry because we do things differently here. It's what sets us apart from other hand tool manufacturers. We live in a world where copying is the rule. This is why many products appear to be similar. Some are cheaper than others. Some aren't as well-made. Most tend to look like everyone else's. Instead of trying to offer something truly unique, many "me too" manufacturers are content to sell products that are just adequate. At Wright Tool, we see this as an opportunity and have taken advantage of it. We deliberately chose to be different from our competitors. To do the little things that customers expect but don't always get from a supplier. In short, we chose to be the industry leader.

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