SmarTach+ Digital Tachometer / Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester

by Sheffield Research - GTC
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Sheffield Research/GTC TA100 SmarTach+ Digital Tachometer / Secondary Ignition Voltage TesterWireless Digital Tachometer: No sighting of rotating parts or hook-up requiredWorks on DIS, Conventional, Magneto and most spark ignition systemFor 1 to 12 cylinders and 2 or 4 cycle enginesMeasures from 200 to 20000 RPM on a 4-1/2 digits LCD displayAdvanced microcontroller technology yields 0.5 % accuracyDigital Secondary Ignition Voltage Tester: Instant digital readings from 0 to 40000 VoltSpecial antenna sensor allows quick hook-up to spark plug and ignition coil wiresNo ground wire connections required, for fast troubleshootingMultiple diagnostic applications are described in comprehensive User's Handbook (Included)Simple to use:Tachometer: Set the number of cylinders and cycles, extend the antenna and hold the instrument about a foot obove the ignition systemRPM is displayedSecondary Ignition Voltage Tester: Hook the antenna sensor over a spark plug wire or coilPeak voltage of the ignition pulse in kilovolts is displayedTechnical Specifications: Digital tachometer, Tachometer Range: 200 to 19999 RPM# of Cylinders: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10 and 12Cycles: 2 and 4 CyclesResponse Time: 1/2 SecondAccuracy: ± 0.5%Spark Ignition System: Distributor, Magneto and D.I.S., Secondary Ignition Voltage TesterIgnition peak voltage range: 0 to 39.9 KvoltResponse time: 0.5 SecondsPick up: Capacitive sensorMechanical Specifications:
Power supply: 9 Volt alkaline battery
Duracell MN1604 (included )Battery life: Approx. 200 hours of operationPower saving: Auto power offAntenna: Collapsible 5 sections with sensor hookDisplay: Large 4-1/2 Digits LCDFor use in: Automobiles, Trucks, Boats, High performance racing cars, Motorcycles, Skidoos, Snow mobiles, Lawnmowers, Chainsaw, Power generators, Any engine equiped with spark plug ignition systems

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Manufacturers of diagnostic and testing equipment for use in all type of vehicles. Product range includes: digital tachometers, ignition voltage testers, DC wiring throubleshooting, multimeters, cordless circuit testers, infrared thermometers,

Sheffield Research - GTC 8004405582



"This is the same tool sold by Mac Tools. I use it all the time to check max rpm of outboard engines. It gets used in a more demanding environment than most. The tool is indispensable, that's the problem. It looses its' sensitivity over time and mine has been back for repair twice. It is expensive to repair. The switch buttons have a tendency not to work , again, after time. The antenna is flimsy. I am on my third smart-tach and I would love to find a more durable, sensitive, and better built alternative."


"I used the SmarTach Digital tachometer to check the idle RPM on a single cylinder 4-stroke off-road motorcycle and it had some difficulty picking up the signal. When it did acquire the signal it told me the RPM was fluctuating about 100 RPM. That seemed odd because it didn't sound like it was fluctuating that much. Could have been imperceptible, though. I was able to set the idle in the range I wanted it, and that was good enough. I did use this meter to check the RPM on a 4-cyl Honda Civic and it picked up a signal quickly, was rock-solid, and closely matched the car's tach. I'm happy with it, and it's very easy to use."


"Simple to use, fast to configure, accurate. I have used this meter on 1 cylinder 2 and 4 strokes and it is very accurate. I have used it on two of my son's wrecks, excuse me "classic" muscle cars to tune and adjust the idle circuits and it worked great. I also used it on on old Ford Flathead V-8 to find out that the coil was bad, but only when it was warm. Great product!"


"The SmarTach does what the manufacturer claims. Very fast and accurate analysis of the condition of the ignition system. The tool led me to look at an ignition problem in a different way much quicker than I would have done without it. I might not have figured out the problem at all in which case the boat would be in the shop for a month waiting it's turn for repair."

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