Premium Full Feature Leather Palm Gloves
(12 Pairs)

by Liberty Gloves
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Liberty Glove Premium Full Feature Leather Palm Gloves(12pk)

Premium full feature.
Gunn pattern.
Heavy duty thread for extra durability.
Knuckle strap.
2-1/2" rubberized safety cuff.
Extended leather pull.
Full leather index finger.
Leather reinforced fingertips.

Warranty Information

These gloves are a much better quality leather than the normal split leather you'll find at the big box stores. We do not try to compete on price with these gloves as these are truly a good quality item. These gloves are made from a premium select shoulder leather not a regular shoulder leather and we have many customers that will only buy these gloves from us as we are the only wholesaler in town that carries this quality! These gloves are definitely worth the little extra cost for the longer life and better fit than the cheapies!

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"These are exactly what the catalog says they are - much better quality than the usual el cheapo gloves. These are a bargain. They last several times longer than gloves that are only slightly cheaper."

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