Nashua 398 2" x 60yd Cloth Duct Tape 11-Mil

by Covalence Adhesives
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This is the Nashua 398 Professional Grade Duct Tape that is 11 MILS THICK!!

HVAC industry for duct and equipment applications
High quality maintenance tape in a variety of manufacturing environments
Broad range of applications in the construction industry
Asbestos removal and polyethylene hanging

Features & Benefits:
High quality polyethylene coated cloth tape
Conforms well to irregular surfaces
Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces
Tears straight, hangs straight, curl resistant
Easy unwind

Adhesive: Rubber
Backing: Polyethylene coated cloth

Certifications: Tested in accordance with UL723

Adhesion to Backing: 46oz/in
Adhesion to Steel: 47oz/in
Flame Spread: 10
Maximum Temperature: 200ºF
QuickStick: 21oz/in
Smoke Developed: 10
Tensile: 27lb/in
Thickness: 11Mils
Unwind: 62oz/in


Warranty Information

This is a contractors grade 11MIL tape, not a DUCK tape they sell in the hardware stores.

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