Phoenix FASCAR Strip Dip Brake Fluid Test Strips
(25 Strips)

by Phoenix Systems
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Phoenix Systems FASCAR-1-100 FASCAR Strip Dip Brake Fluid Test Strips (100 Strips). FASCAR, which stands for "Fluid Analysis by Stimulation of Contamination Alpha Reactions", is a simple visual test to determine the condition of your brake fluid. To test, immerse the new Strip Dip into vehicle's brake fluid for 1 second and within 30 -120 seconds the reaction zone will change colors depending on the condition of the brake fluid. Use the FASCAR color scale to compare the reaction zone color to determine the FASCAR rating. Features: Easy to read, bright color results. Measures "virtual age" of brake fluid. Test is accurate and repeatable. Provides a precursor warning to active corrosion. Reaction Zone is designed to react with corrosion inhibitors in the system to effect color reaction time. It is virtually impossible to achieve a color reaction in new brake fluid. FASCAR Rating correlates to brake fluid buffering. Measures the oxidation of organic compounds (Buffering agents). The test supports the TIME/MILEAGE recommendation of 70% of the world's auto manufactures. Test is founded on scientific data and can be confirmed by the use of high tech lab equipment. Test provides a "RECOMMENDATION" for service and the strip can be given to the customer for visual proof. Test based on preventive maintenance instead of safety.

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