Brush Research 2" Flex-Hone for Brake Cylinder

by Brush Research
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Brush Research BC2 2" Flex-Hone for Brake Cylinder. For Any Type and Size of Cylinder The FLEX-HONE Process (Superfinishing) produces a controlled surface condition unobtainable by any other method. It involves finish, geometry and metallurgical structure. A high percentage plateau free of cut, torn and folded metal (with radiused ports). A resilient, flexible, honing tool with a soft cutting action. The abrasive (points) globules each have independent suspension that assures the Flex-Hone to be self-center.

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Industrial Brushes & The Flex-Hone® Tool. Brush Research Manufacturing has a long history of solving difficult finishing problems with brushing technology. Established in 1958, our tradition of research, innovation and manufacturing excellence has helped solve problems in the sophisticated environments of nuclear energy, aerospace and computer technology as well as industrial applications. BRM has long been a leader in the art and science of abrasive surface finishing culminating in the patented Flex-Hone Tool. BRM was one of the first companies to advocate the critical need for finer surface finishes to optimize machine performance. Today BRM remains at the forefront of abrasive finishing technology. Our commitment to the advancement of surface finishing remains as strong as ever and we are constantly experimenting with new materials and applications. As a full line manufacturer of power brushes, twisted in wire brushes and the Flex-Hone Tool we stand ready to assist you in finding the best solution to your finishing needs. Our extensive network of both domestic and foreign stocking distributors and our trained staff of customer service specialists assures you of instant access to world wide solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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