Steck Bumper Tree Bumper Cover

by Steck Manufacturing
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Steck Manufacturing 35800 Bumper Tree Bumper Cover. Sand, Mask, Prep & Paint Bumper Covers, Spoilers, Mirrors, etc. Tilt while painting to give easy access to top, bottom, front, back and wrap-around ends. Openings in covers can be painted from the front and back to assure complete coverage. Bumper Cover is secured by chains. Chains are adjusted using convenient chain slots.

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Steck has continuously manufactured tools and equipment for the collision repair industry in the same location in Dayton, Ohio for over fifty years. George Steck's original body shop building is still part of the Steck Manufacturing complex, and Steck still operates a body shop for research and development purposes. The company is currently managed by George's two sons, Raymond and Laurence Steck. Steck is continuously developing new products and looks to technicians in the field for new product ideas. Steck will pay royalties to technicians for new product ideas that we use. If you have made up a tool that solved a problem for you, it will also solve that same problem for other technicians. Necessity is the mother of invention. Steck can refine and market your idea and will pay you a royalty.

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