1-1/2"x1/2" Straight 1/4" Mandrel 40G A/O Flap Wheels
(10 Wheels)

by United Abrasives Sait
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Sait 70024 1-1/2" x 1/2" Straight 1/4" Mandrel 40-Grit Aluminum Flap Wheels 10pkSmall diameter. Straight 1/4" Mandrel. Sait 40-Grit Aluminum Flap Wheels. Aluminum oxide grain. General purpose. Excellent for cleaning, deburring, polishing, blending. Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals (iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc.). Wood, plastic, fiberglass, etc. Tech Info: Resin over resin construction for a strong bond resistant to heat and moisture. Closed coat structure for more material removal. High quality Egyptian cotton cloth backing provides superior durability.

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