Sure Shot 16oz Model "B" Aluminum Sprayer

by Sure Shot Milwaukee Sprayer
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Model "B" Aluminum sprayers look and work much like an aerosol, except they are refillable and rechargeable

These sprayers can be used with many non-aggressive products providing the seals are compatible with the product you are spraying

Viton seals are standard and offer excellent chemical resistance

Other seals are available should you require them

Just fill, pressurize 80 - 150 P.S.I. and spray

All of these sprayers come with an assortment of nozzles including:
2 Fine, 2 Medium, 2 Regular, 2 Coarse and 1 Pin Stream with a 6" plastic extension tube

They also include an extra valve

These valves will need to be replaced and are a normal maintenance item

Warranty Information

Since 1932 Milwaukee Sprayer Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been manufacturing "SURE SHOT®" sprayers. Long before aerosols were invented, SURE SHOT® sprayers were used for applying many products. Filling station attendants first used SURE SHOTS® in 1932 for cleaning the windshield of Ford's brand new V-8 powered "Coach". Later SURE SHOT® use in the automotive industry expanded from windshield cleaner to more specialized detergents, rubber dressings, anti-rust agents, and many other specialized lubricants and chemicals. SURE SHOTS® are now used with hundreds of different chemicals in dozens of industries. Many of SURE SHOTS®' new uses were not even thought of in the days when service station attendants wore molded leather leggings and military style caps with patent leather visors. Product innovations, versatility, application growth and experience have made SURE SHOT® one of the best selling portable sprayer lines and Milwaukee Sprayer the first name in refillable, rechargeable, compressed air sprayers.

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"Great heavy-duty product. Works like a charm."

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