The "Original" Disp. Compressed Air Spray Gun Filter
(2 Filters)

by Motor Guard
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Motor Guard Corp D12-2 The "Original" Disposable Compressed Air Spray Gun Filter (2pk Carded). New and Improved for HVLP Guns. For years, the Motor Guard's D-12 Disposable Spray Gun Filter has been the answer to the painter's worst nightmare - FISHEYE! Now, with the introduction of High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns using shop air, comes even more critical requirements for clean, dry, oil free air supplying the paint gun. It looks the same as the "Original" white model you have used for years, but now is supplied in Orange with improved air flow for HVLP as well as High Pressure applications. Improvements include increased thread strength for resistance to breakage. Designed to remove the smallest contaminant particle, oil-aerosol or drop of moisture to supply clean, dry, oil free air to your spray gun. Users of the D-12 report reduced paint defects, resulting in increased paint department productivity with the ultimate final finishes. Specifications: Application: Spray gun, Pipe Size: 1/4" NPS/NPT, Max Flow @ 80 psi: 30 CFM, Maximum Pressure: 100 PSI, Removal Rating (NOM.): .01 Microns, Size: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2".

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MOTOR GUARD Corporation has supplied high-quality, U.S. products to the automotive collision repair industry for 30 years. From our "Original" specialty filtration components for spray guns, to the "Ultimate" Dent Removal Tools and the most "Unique" Sanding and Refinishing Tools; Motor Guard supplies today's professional body shop technicians with their requirements from pulling to painting. In 1966, we began supplying the automotive industry, and others, with compressed air, oil, fluid and other specialty filtration components and systems. We have seen our business grow through the development and processing of our patented technology allowing us to offer finer filtration of contaminants at an affordable cost for all critical applications. Today, with the addition of our welding tools, custom compressed-air filtration modules and accessory product lines, we are positioned as a major supplier as we approach the 21st century. Our professional corporate support team of operations, sales, marketing and finance, along with our 40,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility is located in the attractive labor market of Manteca, California. We are ready and able to supply your product requirements at a moment's notice. Our commitment and dedication at Motor Guard is to produce superior and affordable products to solve complex service problems and to always support and provide the highest level of service to our loyal customers.

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