Astro Pneumatic Nam Air Control Unit Set

by Astro Pneumatic
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Astro Pneumatic Nam Air Control Unit Set. This is a complete air control unit for use on all compressed air systems that operate from 150 psi down. The unit is complete, with a filter, regulator and lubricator. Alll are threaded in standard 1/2" npt (national pipe thread) fittings and may be adapted up or down for the individual requirements. Filter - filters are used on compressed air lines to remove impurities, such as dirt, rust, and other airborne solids. "nam" filters also remove most aerosols, compressor oil, and mist condensed water vapor. The regulator - this is used for accurate control of air pressure. This reduces the pressure from the compressor to the air lines and tools for consistent working pressure. The lubricator - this is used for automatic lubrication of air operated tools and gives uniform delivery of no matter what the air pressure. The unit comes complete ready to assemble and install. The lubricator holds 5.5 ounces of lubricant, and the whole unit works from 0-150 psi and up to 140 degrees fahrenheit.

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