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Plastic Welders, Rods, & Plastic Adhesives

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Plastic Welder - Mini Weld 5600HT

Nothing beats the Mini Weld Model 7 (5700HT) plastic welder. This is the easist, most popular selling heated-tip type plastic welder in the world. We sell a ton of these and never get a return or complaint. It's just a terrific product. We encourage you to click on the Mini Weld Model 7 (5700HT)'s link and read its customer reviews. You'll be impressed.These are also made in the USA and come with a one year warranty.

We also carry Urethane's Steinel LCD Hot-Air Plastic Welder, Model 6055(see below). Hot-Air plastic welding provides a smoother finish, and is preferred when doing cosmetic applications (such as car fenders, dashboard, and trim). This is a classy portable hot-air welder that will impress anyone familiar with the finer techniques of hot-air plastic welding. Hot air welders are also used by many contracotrs for commercial applications where a plastic welder is needed 8 hours a day!

Mini Weld Model 7 Plastic Welder w/ Removable Temperature Control
Item Number: URE5700HT
(2 Reviews)
Mfg List Price: $399.95
Special Price: 189.90
Pro Kayak & Canoe Welder w/ Green Rods
Item Number: UREKCWPRO
(15 Reviews)
Mfg List Price: $86.95
Our Price: $59.90

Steinel LCD Hot Air Welder Kit
Item Number: URE6055
(7 Reviews)
Mfg List Price: $419.95
Our Price: $279.90
EZ Weld 3.0 Hot Air Plastic Welder
Item Number: URE6058
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Mfg List Price: $2,158.95
Our Price: $1,599.00
PlastiFix Kit (White)
Item Number: URE2501
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Mfg List Price: $45.95
Our Price: $33.95

PolyPro Polypropylene Welder w/ Black Rods
Item Number: URE5211BLK
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Mfg List Price: $71.48
Our Price: $59.90
PolyPro Polypropylene Welder w/ Natural Rods
Item Number: URE5211NAT
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Mfg List Price: $80.95
Our Price: $59.90
Plastic Radiator Tank Welder Repair Kit
Item Number: URE5212
(4 Reviews)
Mfg List Price: $88.95
Our Price: $65.90

Kenworth T800 Hood Repair & Heavy Truck Plastic Repair
Item Number: URET800
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Mfg List Price: $499.99
Our Price: $449.90

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12 Products (2 pages)

More On Plastic Welding Repairs
Hot-air welding is superior to Mini-Weld's heated-tip method for structural repairs because it provides more control, and minimizes the potential of voids when nitrogen gas is used (see Model 6051). But, for most users repairing a poly water tank, ATV fender, or ABS bumper, the heated-tip welding method is more than satisfactory.

On the Mini Weld 6 detail page you'll be able to read how easy it is to weld plastic on, litterally, any kind of plastic or nylon. On that page are details about how plastics are identified, the variety of plastic rods that come standard with the Mini Weld 6, and how easy other customers have found plastic welding to be (read their reviews).  The Mini Weld 6 comes with the seven types of plastic rod to repair virtually ANY plastic (or nylon) product.

Plastic adhesives (shown in the category at left) increases thickness, fills voids, and bonds layers of plastics. These are 'hot' adhesives, not in temperature, but in the manner in which they chemically 'weld' the plastics together. Adhesives are about 90% as strong as a weld by similar thickness. Use a plastic welder to repair a split, crack, or small puncture. Use a plastic adhesive to fill voids, join overlapping sections, and to make an area inherently stonger by building up the area's thickness (like around a tank's nozzle).