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Rough Service Light Bulbs

Rough service light bulbs have been designed to be resistant to excessive vibration as well as other external environmental factors and other stressors that can damage the filament of a regular light bulb. Rough service bulbs are available in a variety of wattages and finishes. These heavy duty light bulbs are well known for their durability and long life when compared to regular incandescent bulbs.

Rough service light bulbs function exactly like regular incandescent light bulbs, but generally the heavy duty or rough service light bulbs also have additional wire within the glass enclosure that serves to protect and support the filament from damage.

Rough service light bulbs are perfect for utilization in any area where bumps, shocks, or vibrations could potentially cause an issue with a standard bulb. Some examples would be garage door openers, lighting near machinery, lighting near doors that slam shut regularly, or light bulbs used anywhere else where early failure is an issue due to a harsh usage.