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by Lincoln Industrial
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Below are Lincoln's PowerLuber cordless grease gun models.  They come in 12v, 14.4v and 18v models (the 14v and 18v models provide higher grease-gun pressures for tough zirks). The bodies are essentially identical. Once you choose the voltage model, then choose 1 or 2 batteries. All models come with a charger, hose and case.

If you're doing field work on big equipment, the 18v Powerluber with 2 batteries is what you want. 12v single battery will do the home enthusiast fine. Our most popular seller is the 14.4v Powerluber with dual batteries... it's plenty powerful and the extra battery keeps Murphy away. All batteries are rechargable NiCad and each model includes a 110v 'smart' battery charger (1hr charge, then keeps it charged without over-charging). All guns come with a 30" flexible whip hose and a blow molded case. Grease is not included.

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Lincoln Powerluber Cordless Grease Guns
14.4v, w/1 Battery ( $199.90 )
18v, w/1 Battery ( $259.90 )

Below are accessories for Lincoln Powerluber cordless grease gun. Each is manufactured by Lincoln. All chargers use a 110v source except for the MOBILE chargers. Mobile chargers use a car's cigarette lighter plug for it's power source.

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Lincoln PowerLuber Accessories

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More Information

The Lincoln Powerluber cordless grease gun is the #1 selling cordless grease gun in America. It's reliable and saves time.

All models of the Lincoln cordless grease gun, officially called the PowerLuber, use the same body. They just offer it in 18v, 14.4v, and 12v models, with a choice of one or two batteries. The lowest voltage model will do about 150 zirks between charges. Each step-up in voltage of the Lincoln Powerluber will do about twice the number of zirks before a recharge is required. The 14.4v and the 18v Lincoln Powerluber cordless grease gun uses a two-speed switch to make greasing faster. One position delivers volume greasing for non-sealed joints (like most hydraulic cylinder yokes). The other switch position results in higher pressure for rusty zirks or sealed joints.  

There are a few competitors to the Lincoln's Powerluber cordless grease gun, but the feedback we get is that the knockoffs don't last. Either they fail or the batteries get weak within a year or so. If you're considering a cordless grease gun you want reliability. You don't want to be stuck out in the field with a weak battery or failed grease gun. The small extra the Lincoln cordless grease gun will cost you assures it'll last long into the future. It simply won't EVER let you down.

BTW, every person thinks... nah, I've been using a pump style grease gun for years and its fine. OK, we understand, those things have been around since 1935. But, consider this: the Lincoln cordless grease gun truly let's you do it 'one handed'. Yes, you have to hold the nozzle with one hand and pull the Powerluber's trigger with the other... but that's really 'one hand' in our book. What happens real quick is, you discover how fast you can move from zirk to zirk. Meaning... on a backhoe or older style car, what took 10 minutes is now done inless than 3. You'll wonder why you put off your purchase for so long. Seriously. What used to be a PITA, is now a pleasure to use. Some tools are a pleasure to own. This is one of them.

All Lincoln Cordless Grease Gun models come with:

-  The Power Luber cordless gun (no grease is included)

- A 30" flexible hose with zirk tip.

- 110 Volt Fast Charger

- 1 Battery (or some models come with 2 batteries)

- Blow molded carry case

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Lincoln Industrial 3146794200



"We use these in a heavy duty truck shop, they take a beating and keep working!"

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