ATV Pro Fender Welder

by Polyvance
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NOTE: 30 feet of either PE (Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene) welding rod in the color of your choice.

YOU NEED TO CALL US AT 1-800-429-3289

 Here is what you get with the ATV Pro Fender Welder:

 80 watt welder, the ideal temperature for welding polyethylene ATV fenders

 Big Foot welding tip that makes welding easy

 Detailed instructions on how to weld plastic, and tips on using the ATV Pro Fender Welder

 Made in the USA

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Urethane Supply Company provides problem-solving and time-saving plastic repair and refinishing products to the automotive collision repair market. We are constantly searching for new ways to provide added value to our customers through new and improved products and information, while leading the industry standards.

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"Works well but seems to get too hot for poly welding"


"Worked like a charm. I had a fender broke in half with multiple tabs broken off. Use the welder, and the fender is as strong as new, and the red sticks matched nearly perfectly. Recommend to anyone trying to repair plastic instead of buying new."


"Works great, just as advertised."


"Works very well for ~10 minutes at a time. Follow instructions of welding ~1 inch followed by smoothing the welded area. Then - unplug the welder and let it cool off. The problem is that it gets too hot and burns the excess plastic on the heating element which melts the next weld too much or puts black and burned plastic into the next weld. Simply continue smoothing for a few minutes at it cools down, then plug in again and continue. Works VERY well. EXCELLENT product for the price, works MUCH better than other low cost devices I have used."


"Worked great! Easy to used! saved me $$$$$ Thanks"


"Product worked real well for what it is. Color of welding rods, nice assortment. But I would of rather been able to pick the colors I needed for my welding project. Just may sell more of these if you allowed the customer their choice of colors... Other colors that came with the kit I have NO USE FOR. Kind of a waste of materials in my opinion."


"I liked it , but for one thing. It really gets too hot and burns the area that you are trying to repair."


"Used the clear rods on the back (to save the green) wish I had used them on the front the green rods tend to turn brown when they get hot"


"I actually used this to repair a gas tank. This welding kit worked excellent for that or any plastic repair. I would recommend this for plastic repairs."


"I found the 'stock' welding head to be too flat, so I got a 1 1/2", #12 screw, ground it at a 45° angle and welded a quarter sized flat washer to that. I found it much easier to weld with that tip. It also runs a little cooler (no smoke) and I was able to weld with it very well! Great product!"

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